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Erskine Alumni Survey Summary

by Nan Campbell, Joe Patrick & David Norman

Dear Alumni,

Between September and December 2011, the Erskine Alumni Association conducted a survey that sought to better understand giving trends and perspectives among Erskine alumni. If you were among those who participated, thank you for your feedback. About 26% of those asked to participate responded, yielding a wealth of information and insight from nearly a thousand alumni.

We are pleased to report that in the months since the survey was initiated and conducted, the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Board, and administration of Erskine have made significant progress, working together to cultivate continued healing among Erskine’s constituencies and ensuring that Erskine’s best interests are served.

Erskine has seen some difficult times over the past few years and the effects are certainly reflected in the survey results. However, the resilience and perseverance that have characterized Erskine and her alumni for nearly 175 years have also been demonstrated in tangible ways. We are pleased that the work accomplished in recent months addresses many of the survey’s findings. In particular, the Board of Trustees and Erskine administration have made considerable headway in several key areas of concern expressed in the survey results.

PDF of Erskine Alumni Survey

The week just before the Alumni Board met to review the findings of the survey, the Erskine Board of Trustees met and considered their response to certain requests from the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church. As indicated by their response, the trustees desire a continued, cooperative, and mutually beneficial relationship with the ARP. You can read more about this at Erskine’s online news site,

Attached is a brief summary of the survey results. We encourage the healthy dialogue that is taking place. If you have comments about the survey or ideas for ways to seek continued, cooperative, and mutually beneficial relationships, please share them with us by sending an email to

We also encourage you to communicate with the Erskine administration and Board of Trustees through the Alumni Board. To find an Alumni Board member from your era or near you, visit the alumni section of Erskine’s web site.

Thank you for your continued love and support for Erskine.


Joe Patrick, Chair, Erskine Board of Trustees

David Norman, President, Erskine College and Theological Seminary

Nan Campbell, President, Erskine Alumni Association

Erskine College

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