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My name is Tony Locke. I minister at the First Presbyterian Church of Tucker GA — ARP.

I am offering free websites and free sermon hosting for ARP and Reformed churches. You can fill out a form for a website at

Why this website?

I built this website for the ARP Magazine. They decided it wasn’t what they wanted. I was given permission to use it as I wish, as long as I remove the ARP logo and post that it is not Synod’s website. Synod is

So what is my vision?

God has placed in my heart a strong desire to build the ARP brand on the internet with multiple websites that serve to build our communication and fellowship. When the world searches for reliable views on Inerrancy, the “Christian Family”, the problem with the PCUSA, evangelism, church planting, world missions, traditional worship and other issues of faith, my desire is that they would find the best resources on various ARP Church websites. The ARP must invest in posts, sermons, news updates, opinion pieces and blogs which applies God’s views on life.

This vision only progresses as you participate. Put yourself out there. Send me material and I will post it within categories that others on the internet can find.

You can help

Post a sermon. Post or re-post your favorite blog. Post opinions, calendar events, camp schedules or programs? Send it all to I will post it first chance I get.

Tell me if you want to help creating a unique catechism study quiz or a weekly prayer time. Maybe we can do monthly chats about missions, church planting, community outreach and evangelism. Share with me your vision and I will expand mine. =)

Blessings to you and may God bless the unity and connectionalism of the ARP church.

Sincerely, Tony Locke
Pastor and web-design guy.