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Christ Community Church — Prayer Letter June

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers for Christ Community Church.  Your prayers continue to bless us.

Greetings from Christ Community!

I want to thank you for your continuing prayers for our Mission.

First, thank you for your prayers about our Easter services. Our sunrise service was larger again this year and our regular service was well attended too, giving us the opportunity to share the gospel with about 300 people in our area. A few who attended the sunrise service have visited the church as well and we hope to continue to share God’s love with them in the future.

Our men’s study is still meeting faithfully on Monday Read More

The Impossible Prayer in Gethsemane

by Brent McGuire

They went to a place called Gethsemane, and Jesus said to his disciples, “Sit here while I pray.” He took Peter, James, and John along with him, and he began to be deeply distressed and troubled. Mark 14:32-33

The conventional account-at least the one this writer encounters most often-is that in Gethsemane Jesus demonstrates his humanity, by shrinking (as any of us would) from the painful death ahead of him. Jesus is deeply distressed by the prospect not only of dying but of being killed in a cruel and violent manner. He knows what is about to happen and he is afraid.

What leads people to think this way of Gethsemane? Perhaps graphic Good Friday sermons and dramatizations such as The Passion of the Christ are to blame-visual and rhetorical portrayals of the brutal scourging, the pounding of the nails, and the thrusting in of the spear.… Continue Reading . . .

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Christ Community Church — Prayer Letter March

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers for Christ Community Church.  Your prayers continue to bless us.

We felt them during our busy Christmas season.  This year Christ Community Church held our first ever Christmas Eve service.  The highlight was the Children’s Christmas Pageant which included over 25 kids.  God could have touched the heart of any Scrooge with the joy and excitement of each participant.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing kids tell the Christmas story and sing carols!

Since early January the messages on Sunday mornings have focused upon helping our congregation develop a deeper and richer understanding of the local church.  The sermon series, titled “Jesus is Building His Church”, reminds us that God’s primary means of building His Kingdom are the local church loving one another deeply and sharing this love of Christ with those they meet.  Daily I meet people who have a deep need for God in their lives.Read More